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"Kissing Spine"

Watch this video read aloud to you the contents of an email about the success of a Kissing Spine treatment.

Neck osteoarthritis

Nobody can guarantee nothing will happen, but since Conquest has been treated with Vetdrop, he has definitely gotten better. Thank you Vetdrop and let's hope it continues. The system gives us hope.

"Pressure point"

On April 27, 2020 we got in touch with Team Simnis. We asked if they saw a chance to solve the problem with Vetdrop. We noticed a clearly visible reduction in the size of the swelling after 4 treatments. And after the 8th treatment on May 10, 2020, Tupac was pain-free. He didn't respond to touching or squeezing the swelling. They treated him 6 more times, and each time the swelling got smaller. We ride him again now and he has absolutely no more pain.
Couer after a painful accident
Heidi and Walter thank Vetdrop

Bruise - Hottie - 11.11.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX

14.11.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX - Thank you Vetdrop

Faina July 2.7.2020nd, XNUMX - our first alpaca

Faina 17.7.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX - Thank you Vetdrop

"Bite wound on the lip"

Voice message received 7 June 2020 from Christian:
«Isn't that great? After the first treatment with Vetdrop, within a day from an open and swelling wound on the lip to a closed and decongestant wound. Hats off!!!"

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