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Tu2 - procedure for open wounds


Procedure for open wounds


Open wounds are very dangerous - they can lead to very serious problems and even death.


It is always necessary to consult a veterinarian. You should only use oxygen and follow the veterinarian's instructions.

If the wound needs stitching or stapling, you can treat it very well with oxygen and possibly with a product prescribed by the veterinarian. Because oxygen works very well as a disinfectant, there is no need to apply a disinfectant to a wound. The oxygen sometimes blisters under the skin. This does not cause any problems and is absorbed by the body within a few hours. An open wound should be treated several times a day.

In the case of deep wounds, it is important that the wound is not closed too quickly at the front, but that the wound closes from below and inside, otherwise it can tear open again and bleed. Since it is very painful to touch the wound, you should use Program 1 when the flow is low. This also ensures maximum oxygen. Always use the entire program.

Link to the Coeur open wound treatment from our treatment journal - photos below.



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