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Tu6 - tendon treatment in horses with Vetdrop TDA!

Tendon treatment in horses with Vetdrop TDA!


In this video we show you how you should apply Vetdrops products to a tendon. It is important that your doctor examined the tendon with an ultrasound machine and was able to identify the problem as tendon damage.

In this case, we recommend immediate treatment with program number three.

You should treat from the bottom up to get under the hair. It is not necessary to shave the leg, but it will not harm the horse!

When using Vetdrop TDA to treat tendons in horses (and actually all other animals as well), we find that treatment with our system speeds up healing significantly, which means you can also start training the horse faster . The horse loses fewer muscles and the overall duration of the treatment is significantly reduced, which means enormous cost savings. We have even found that the horse can be treated much more humanely during the convalescence period, i.e. the horse does not have to stand in its box for 60 days to protect the tendon, but can move freely. Give Vetdrop TDA a try and you will see how much faster the horse recovers.

The results we achieved have also shown that the tendon's original elasticity is retained and that recurrence of the problem with the same tendon is rare.

In either case, you must follow your doctor's instructions. It is important to have another ultrasound scan 4 to 6 weeks after starting treatment because it has been shown that the damaged tendons usually recover after this period. This extremely accelerated healing phenomenon has also been seen in many other soft tissue damage such as muscle problems when Vetdrop TDA was used.

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