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Tu5 - back treatment

Procedure for back treatment or kissing spine with Vetdrop TDA - Transdermal Application System


As we know from human medicine, there are many reasons for back pain. That is why it is necessary to consult experts who specialize in back pain.


Often times, horses have back pain that can be caused by many reasons, such as: B. a problematic saddle or even riding problems. You quickly realize that there is a problem as the horses are more difficult to clean and react to pressure on the back. 

 Pushing on the back and the back falling away may mean the horse is ticklish, but most of the time the horse is in pain. If it's not too far advanced, treatment with Vetdrop TDA can really help. 

 The rider or groom will usually quickly notice that the horse is responding to the treatment. However, it is very important to find the cause of the pain as vetdrop can only help relieve the pain, it cannot solve the problem. This may mean changing the saddle, a new saddle, new cushions under the saddle, or even a different way of riding. 

It is very important to find the cause of the pain. One of the most problematic back problems is the infamous "kissing spine". Here the distance between the vertebrae becomes too small and presses on the nerve. This phenomenon causes severe back pain and is difficult to fix. In many cases it can be resolved, but it takes a tremendous amount of labor and time, and several experts need to be consulted. 

It is clear that our very low dose product cannot treat severe back pain such as that caused by Kissing Spine on its own.

It is necessary to combine conventional medication, massages, possibly a change in riding style, and even other treatments with Vetdrop.  

Experience with Vetdrop TDA shows that after the initial pain relief, which is extremely important for severe back problems, treatment with Vetdrop can be given over a long period of time at low doses to help the body recover, keeping the pain to a minimum and ensure that the horse can build muscles where they are needed to support the back. The first treatment for pain relief will likely be to inject relatively strong medication such as cortisone into the horse's back. At the same time, treatment with Vetdrop products can already begin. As soon as the effect of the strong medication in the horse's body wears off, the products administered with Vetdrop can take over and the organs are no longer stressed because Vetdrop does not work systemically.

In the case of mild back pain, the rider usually notices after a few days whether the treatment is helping, as the horse is more relaxed and moves better.

 As our vets say, the solution often lies in a different style of rider or possibly a change in the saddle to really solve the problem. Vetdrop only helps for the moment and without other changes it won't last. That is why the advice of other experts is of enormous importance. 

Always treat against the hair to get on the skin. Distance 1-2 cm. During treatment, you should always treat the pain directly, and then treat the general area of ​​the muscles to relax them. The product used should only be coordinated and used in consultation with a veterinarian. You really have a chance at back pain relief and even kissing spine with Vetdrop TDA

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