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AS8 - Members Only

Members only - Vetdrop TDA


We have created an area where people who own a device can get information that is only available to members!

As a member, we offer you: The opportunity to record your treatment successes and share them with the public on our website. access to treatment suggestions a shop to order spare parts and substances online Why is it so important?

Therapists can advertise their work on our website. When a practitioner is called up in the system, the treatment journals that were issued by him are displayed and the customer can get a better picture of the know-how of the respective specialist.

In the treatment journal, practitioners will indicate which product and program they used to achieve success. This can only be viewed by members. There are also our treatment suggestions. These are our suggestions on how to treat certain problems based on previous experience and the many treatments that have been carried out. This is reserved for our members only.

In addition to our treatment suggestions, you will also find detailed information on our phytoproducts, as well as instructions for setting the device in the event of temperature fluctuations. There is also an important section in the Members Area called Downloads. Here you can download many documents to help therapists advise and promote clients: reports and studies published about, Vetdrop.

Promotional materials such as flyers and published professional articles as well as addresses of therapists and doctors for promotional purposes. You will also find our user manual, with program information, as well as our terms and conditions, and our service contracts. You will also find our price lists for products and explanations of the phyto-products here. Finally, you will find our shop where you can order your desired products.

We are constantly striving to improve the system and incorporate as much information as possible to help users succeed. Your success is our success.

We look forward to welcoming you to our member area in the future.