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AS2 - emergence

Creation of Vetdrop TDA - Transdermal Application System


In the early 2000s, the inventor of this system dreamed of building a device that could apply a product directly to the painful or infected area in an animal's body. His reasoning was quite reasonable. To reach the big toe, one must either ingest a fairly large amount of the substance or inject it. A cream could also be used, but up to this point and now there is a problem with the depth of penetration. 


Therefore, a system has been developed that includes:


Oxygen: Disinfects very well, supplies the area with oxygen, activates microcirculation and combats hypoxia. There are few other systems for the direct application of oxygen because while everyone knows the benefits of oxygen, it is not easy to use without a special system like the one we developed


Molecule size - this is particularly important as large molecules cannot normally be transported deep transdermally into the body by any other system. Our system enables the transport of large molecules, which is what sets it apart from a cream. Creams can only transport much smaller molecules into the skin and not very deeply either.

An excellent carrier product has been developed that can be mixed with both phyto-products and other substances. Because the dose is low and the application is local, the product is not systemic and side effects are avoided. 

Apart from these points, the system should be painless, non-invasive, animal-friendly and deeply effective as well as easy to use.

In various studies we were able to prove that our product reaches the deep dermis. Most other products that are applied to the skin only reach the top layer of the epidermis. This has been proven with large molecular hyaluronic acid.


We were also able to demonstrate that the product reaches the joints and creates a depot that the body can use when needed.


What are the areas of application. Since it is a system for transdermal use, the system itself only supplies an air stream that has a high proportion of oxygen. A product must be added to achieve certain results. The following complaints were successfully treated with our system,


Nerve irritation and various inflammations

open wounds


Tooth and mouth infections

Pain and tension

Skin inflammation

Tendon or muscle problems


VetdropTDA enables the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system of dogs, cats, horses and other large animals. Classic problems are in the area of ​​the tendons, ligaments and joints, but lymphatic or muscular complaints are also often treated. In addition, Vetdrop TDA Skin and Wound Therapy can be used on a wide variety of animal species, including birds and even dolphins.


While the system in the large animal area is often used in therapy stalls in addition to the large stud farms, which are set up in close cooperation between veterinarian and therapist, in the small animal area it is aimed directly at veterinarians and practitioners who treat animals in their practice on an outpatient basis. Some practitioners use the system in addition to oxygen-based inhalation therapy and as a powerful oxygen source for anesthesia operations - the system has sufficient power to decouple several anesthesia stations from the bottle supply.


Vetdrop TDA is now available in many markets. In addition to the home market of Western Europe, a strong user base has established itself in the Gulf region around the Arab Emirates, who particularly value the system for preventive measures during racing. For individual customers, Vetdrop also develops ethically oriented therapy concepts and experienced consulting services for gentle and rule-compliant therapy.