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AS1 - What is Vetdrop!

This is vetdrop.

Thanks to a patented system and with the support of the veterinarian, it helps horses, dogs and other animals with a wide variety of ailments.

Vetdrop is the solution to problems in the animal's musculoskeletal system. Torn tendons and ligaments, spatula, mudcloth or thrush are just a few examples of its area of ​​application. Excellent results are obtained even in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Muscle pain, for example in the back, is minimized, swelling is reduced, and inflammation disappears. In addition, Vetdrop is the perfect aid in the treatment of open wounds and bruises.

You can find detailed reports in our treatment journals under Application on our website.

Vetdrop - your animals alternative


Welcome to Vetdrop. We hope to see you soon as a Vetdrop user.


We were founded in 2005 and we dreamed of developing a system to deal with problems locally. The system should not be systemic to avoid side effects and we wanted it to be transdermal.


The system should be absolutely painless and easy to use.


The problem of drug resistance has become more and more present and is now very serious as it has been found that resistance to even antibiotics for wounds is increasing, and that animals can die from even a small wound. So we decided that the system should be designed primarily for the use of phyto-based products.

We wanted to invent a system that could both disinfect an area and aid the body's healing process.

For this reason we have chosen an oxygen generator as the basic device. Oxygen itself is an excellent disinfectant. In our studies we have also found that the mixture of oxygenated air and the phytoproduct activates the body and thus supports the healing process and accelerates recovery.

In the meantime, veterinarians are able to mix different drugs and administer them with our device, which gives our transdermal application system a much wider scope.

 Of course, all of our products are made in-house here in Germany.

Thank you for watching - check out our other videos on youtube or on our tutorial channel.

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