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T1 - Tendon Treatment - Video - General Information

Tendon strain - horse tendon treatment - with VETDROP TDA


One of the most frightening and undesirable diagnoses to make any veterinarian.

What are your options?

There are now several options. So far, however, we've never heard of anything that really helps other than rest. Most people, out of desperation, decide on a treatment method and give up after about 2-3 months because nothing usually works and put their horse out on the pasture. Or if you have already had negative experiences with tendon injuries, put them directly in the pasture for at least 1 year. What does that actually mean?

Experience says again that if the horse has been out of training for 1 year, you need at least 6 months to build up the muscles again and then there is always the extremely high probability that the tendon, above or below the tear point, becomes brittle, and again tears. Let us also not forget that the horse still eats in the 1 year in which it is incapacitated and also needs to be cared for. These are also costs.

Depending on where the horse is kept, the costs can be kept low, but it is still expensive. Our experience tells us otherwise. With Vetdrop TDA and a specially manufactured phytoproduct with hyaluronic acid as the main substance, the healing of the tendons is supported so well that reconstruction can begin after just 4-6 weeks of treatment. How does it work?

Thanks to our patented application system Vetdrop TDA the hyaluronic acid is charged with oxygen and applied in extremely fine molecules at supersonic speed to the area of ​​the tendons precisely defined by the veterinarian. The treatment is given over a period of 10-12 minutes. As we have seen in the various studies at the University of Zurich, in a very low but controlled dosage, the product can reach the affected area and this appears to be extremely effective in helping the body regenerate itself.

A higher dosage does not make sense and can even be counterproductive, as we have seen in the studies. A depot is created and accessed by the body when required. The continuous supply of hyaluronic acid seems to keep the tendon supple, it does not become brittle and does not tear again. How long does the treatment last and how often is it used? It is usually administered every other day over a period of 2-4 weeks and should be carried out either by a veterinarian or a therapist, always under the guidance of the veterinarian.

With any horse tendon treatment, one should Ultrasound examination before the start and then after 4-6 weeks. As a rule, it is not common for you as a customer to have had several horses with tendon damage. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to decide for yourself how much time should be invested in rehabilitation. For this reason, it is essential to strictly follow the veterinarian's instructions.

The serious structure after successful treatment is that A+O for the future unrestricted use of the recovered tendon! Documentation: We have many instances of these successes documented. In fact, several clients already have enormous personal accounts Success on her tendon-damaged horse, decided to purchase this device. General Uncertainty: It's strange, but every time we treat a tendon everyone is very suspicious and nervous.

The banana that normally forms usually disappears quickly, but the only thing we cannot see with our eyes is whether the tendon is okay. The horse is not necessarily lame either. So you have to check it with ultrasound. Then the vet is called - the vets asked a few times whether the leg being examined is the right one, because the damage is no longer visible and that after 4-6 weeks. We stopped doing such Ultrasound images because a lot of people who looked at the pictures immediately said that the angle is different from the original picture and therefore you can no longer see the problem. Conclusion and honesty: Here you have a good chance of recovery within 4-6 weeks. All other methods take longer. Why not try it out?

Vetdrop TDA is the most cost effective way to work and To treat tendons in horses. If it doesn't work, the loss is minimal, but your chance of success is enormous. Everything else is exactly the opposite.

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