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Tu4 - headshaking

Headshaking is a phenomenon that is often not easy to treat, as the causes are diverse and often difficult to diagnose.


If we suspect that the pain is coming from the nerves in the head, we can treat in several places and usually have some improvement for some time.


In the case of symptomatic head shaking, the cause must of course also be treated. When it comes to idiopathic head shaking, the main thing we are trying to do is to relieve the symptom.


Recently, a nasal mesh has been widely used. This is a type of gauze that is attached over the nostrils. We have found that it has a positive effect when the net is tied properly and does not flutter. This usually helps in lighter cases and especially where insects are active. We have also had good experiences with headgear to avoid direct sunlight and exposure to light. Drug therapy for idiopathic head shaking can be tried. However, this therapy is not always successful; and these substances usually fall under the doping-relevant substances in competition.


Treatment in the area of ​​the trigiminus nerve and on the head between the eyes and nostrils may improve the condition. Unfortunately, these only seem to be short-term improvements, so repeat treatments are necessary. It seems we can relieve pain in the trigiminus nerve area or other parts of the head without causing any more pain to the horse. We also found that the horses usually enjoy the treatment a lot.  

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