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T2 - A True Story of Neck Osteoarthritis with Vetdrop TDA

 A True Story of Neck Osteoarthritis with Vetdrop TDA




We tell a story about our jumper Conquest.


The horse Conquest came to us as a five-year-old horse. Free he moves very well. He got a week off to get used to everything. Then the disappointment. Conquest didn't move very well under the saddle and seemed impure in tact. He often made strange facial gestures and liked to hit the floor with his right leg as if to get rid of some critters. The problem was, there weren't any critters. That bothered us a lot. Since he really didn't seem to be XNUMX% tact and he always did strange things with his mouth or leg that we hadn't seen in any other horse, we decided to look more closely at the cause of the problem.

Then the investigation began. It happened shortly afterwards.


After the near accident, we spoke to our vet and therapist. Everyone had a different opinion. But we couldn't find any obvious problems. We were desperate and didn't know what to do. Before we figured out anything, we didn't want to ride Conquest anymore. That would not be fair to both him and the rider and could be very dangerous. My wife had an idea and said she insisted on having a throat x-ray. And lo and behold, my wife was unfortunately right with her assumption - neck osteoarthritis - 6 and 7 cervical vertebrae.


And what's next? Dr. Google didn't know what to do next. We neither. But we really wanted to keep Conquest. Mr. Dehncke, an excellent therapist who has been using Vetdrop TDA for more than 10 years in his Nettelsee therapy room, suggested that we give Vetdrop TDA a try. The 6th and 7th vertebra are relatively deep in the neck. It was questionable whether the product would get there. According to studies in Zurich, maybe.

Anyway, we decided to give it a try. It was really very difficult at the beginning. Conquest is very responsive to blowing. My wife, who was doing the treatment for osteoarthritis of the neck with Vetdrop TDA, even wanted to stop the treatment. The horse kept tossing its head, making strange nonsense movements with its mouth, and was obviously not happy. And then, after almost 30 days of treatment, he suddenly stopped acting like that, became calm and seemed to be enjoying the treatment.

We didn't ride him during that time, but he was trained every day and that's how he kept his muscles. Of course, he should also greet his neighbors.

Incidentally, Max is also a horse that we successfully treated with Vetdrop TDA 10 years ago on the fetlock base calcification.

The first thing we did was let himself move in the open air to control his movement. He looked good, didn't seem impure in any way, and so we decided to ride him. For the first time under the saddle, there were no impurities in the cycle and he moved much better. We decided to let him free jump first. We started very small and very slowly increased the size of the jumps. There were reasons for this decision. If he still had a problem, he will find his balance easier and less likely to hurt himself.

If he passes that test, we could let him run free in the pasture and he could buck and jump around as much as he wanted without risking injury. The pasture time was just around the corner. In April he was X-rayed for the second time. There have been positive changes.

Apparently there was less pressure on the canal where his nerve is, which the vets say was probably what caused the near-accident. And so Conquest was trained, jumped and ridden as usual. He was also in the pasture every day. And should he always greet his neighbors.

On December 24th our vet took new X-rays of Conqi. It was a great present. Changes are visible. It seems that everything around the spine has calmed down. Today Cookie is ridden and jumped normally. We hope that his osteoarthritis stays calm and does not flare up again. If something changes we will notice it in its nature and the way it moves, when this happens we can use Vetdrop TDA and help it again.

 In any case, thanks to Vetdrop TDA, we were able to give him time and a better quality of life.


We all hope that Conquest will remain a part of our family for a long time to come. Anyway, Vetdrop seems to be really helping with his osteoarthritis of the neck. Enjoy our little insight into Conqi's life.

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