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Tu1- First time use on a horse.


Welcome to Vetdrop - now that you have the device, you'll want to use it without making the animal nervous. You also want to avoid accidents. It is therefore important that you follow our suggestions, which are based on our experience.

Of course the horse will be a little nervous the first time you use the system.

Please start the device first on egg-mod. Keep the flow low initially.

Move the application system back and forth and touch the horse with it to show him that it is not a threat. Approach the horse, put your hand on his shoulder, and let the horse watch what you do. Then slowly walk down over the shoulder to the horse's legs. 

After a short while the horse will understand that there is no danger. The horse will also notice very quickly that the system is actually helping. It's cooling, massaging, and making a soothing sound. Some horses even fall asleep during treatment.

Please be careful with the treatment. Horsemanship and certain principles should be observed to keep the horse from kicking or trampling on you. It is clear that treating the hind legs is always more dangerous than treating the front legs. You should therefore be particularly careful when handling the hind legs, even if the horse has already got used to the device.

Please do not sit under the horse when handling it. Always be ready to jump aside if the horse suddenly becomes startled or reacts to flies or other insects. We don't want you to have to use the system yourself as a result.

We wish you and your horses a lot of pleasure in the treatment and good luck with the application.

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