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3 - Therapists - Numbers Numbers Numbers




Numbers, Numbers Numbers - see video below

Part 3 of 5

Our biggest customers are those who have had a machine for over 10 years. You have built up a customer base and are successfully using Vetdrop. We have an average turnover of € 500 per month for products with these customers - per customer of course! If we calculate what 500 € mean with an average cost of 4 € for large and small animals, that's about 125 treatments per month or an average of 6 treatments per day from Monday to Friday.


If you now charge 40 € per treatment, which is a reasonable amount, you get a turnover of 5000 € just for the treatments - subtract product costs and you have 4500 €. Of course, that's not all - most of these clients have the option to accommodate patients, so they also earn from the extra work of the accommodation, which can easily amount to € 500 per month per horse.   

Then there are the animals that are treated on an outpatient basis and those that you drive to, whereby a certain amount can also be charged for the additional time and travel costs.

It is also very important that you can offer other treatments for which you can also charge a fee.

With a good business plan, you should be able to make money after a year and a half.


So now we have discussed a lot without considering the costs that will come your way.

What does a vetdrop device cost?


The price today is around € 15000 - plus sales tax - this is the case for all prices mentioned here. This price applies to the 1200 and is only valid until the end of 2021.


A therapist who is a member of the Gold Club can work off a third of the price through advertising, writing treatment journals, and so on. The work that is done for the gold club benefits the therapist as he is promoting himself, some of which is paid for by us. The treatment journals are displayed as his own treatment journals so that clients can more easily see what he has accomplished. Attending competitions also enables the therapist to reach more clients.


So there remains an amount of 9750 € that has to be financed and paid.


How can that be done?

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