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Numbers, Numbers Numbers - see video below

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How can that be done?


In order to keep the financial burden for the therapist as low as possible, we have developed a special payment method. It is similar to a hire purchase agreement. 


In the first 3 months, the device is rented for a total of € 1500, plus € 500 for delivery, collection and training (if the device is picked up and returned by the therapist, he will receive this € 500 back).

If the therapist does not want to continue the contract, he can return the device after the first 3 months and the contract is considered terminated.

If the customer decides to continue the contract, then the following payment history must be adhered to!


First, a non-refundable deposit of € 1500 must be paid immediately. Then the therapist has to pay 250 € per month for 12 months. This means that at the end of the 12 months an amount of € 4500 has been paid, which together with the down payment results in a total of € 6000.

If the therapist wishes to terminate the contract after these 12 months, this is possible without any claims, but all amounts paid will not be refunded.  


In this way, the therapist always has the option to withdraw from the contract, which is not possible with a lease or a purchase. 


If the customer continues the contract, the remaining difference of approx. € 4000 will be due. This is payable in monthly installments of € 250.

The gold membership rate of 35% has to be fulfilled within 2 years. The amount not processed during this period must be paid in cash.


The gold membership continues beyond the 2 years with discounts on the purchase of products for various services that the therapist provides for Vetdrop.


The guarantee on the device begins on the first day of delivery.

So how can we design a business plan?

Depreciation, a very important point to consider!

How long is the life of the machine? We have found that the useful life of devices is at least 10 years.

For the calculation we take 5 years for the equipment and 3 years for the application system.

In our calculation, we only take into account the depreciation based on the amount actually paid for the device, i.e. € 10000.

You can therefore expect a depreciation of around € 135 per month for the machine and € 40 for the application system. The interest rates are not high today and with 3 percentage points per year you should be well protected, which means additional costs of € 25, -. - In the second year we propose to sign a service contract. The costs for such a service contract amount to € 600 per year, so that an additional € 50 per month should be charged.

Now when we consider what capital you will need to launch this project, we would definitely suggest an amount of € 10000 plus a means of transport to move the device as initial capital. You can expect that you will make money off of your customer, but this will be a slow process as you will need to build a customer base. As a precaution, you should initially expect 1-2 customers per month and a total of around 15 treatments. That means a net income of around € 500 per month. 


With this you can already finance the installments of the device.

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