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2 - Therapists - Gold Members Club


Gold Members Club Concept - Video Below!

Part 2 of 5

Our Gold Members Club for therapists was also set up to support therapists financially. Here the therapist can bill up to 30 percent of the machine in work by creating treatment journals, being present for us at competitions and doing general advertising. 


We offer therapists the opportunity to rent equipment at special rates so that they can set them up at their customers' homes and do not have to drive the equipment around.


So what can you expect to earn and what could a business plan look like?



No system can achieve anything without hard work. Relying on Vetdrop only to begin with is a battle and you need to make sure you have enough capital to last a fairly long period of time.


The most successful of our therapists are always those who can offer more and more diverse treatment methods. 


It would also be good to have a concept and the possibility of hiring horses and treating them on site as well as driving them to customers. Here we have tried to help with our range of therapists to rent a machine at special conditions in order to serve customers who do not want to bring their horses to you for treatment and for whom you cannot travel. Of course, it is also much easier to treat for dogs and other small animals as customers can usually bring their pets with them as they are easy to transport. 


We found that small animals don't need as much treatment as horses, for example. You seem to recover much faster so less therapy is needed and that makes everything a lot easier.

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