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AS1.1 - Our veterinarian

With us for 30 years


Dr Fries in Hamburg


Of course, as a medical professional, you are skeptical if you are presented with a technology that is supposed to bring drugs through the skin to the site of the disease, but the first attempts at treatment in November 2007 were so positive that I have been working with Vetdrop TDA ever since. In the meantime I have treated over 100 horses and several dogs. A very lasting treatment success was achieved. Impressive successes can also be seen with the dogs. I treat acute and chronic muscle, tendon and joint diseases and even the causes of lameness that were previously difficult or impossible to treat, such as inflammation of the hoof rolls, spars, bone cysts or even bone tears, can be treated. In my more than thirty years of practice, I have already applied many therapy options and technologies. But the most animal-friendly - because painless, low-risk and free of side effects - and most effective form of treatment is, in my experience, Vetdrop TDA. "

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