Derek, open itchy wound, probably eczema on his paws

Written by: Dennis Ruf

Type: Treatment journals
Age: 13
Description: hunting dog

Start of treatment: 20.05.21

Disease picture / symptoms:

Derek refused to leave his paw alone and kept licking it until it was open and bloody. So the owner put a bandage on, and then Derek started licking the paw on his leg until it was open and bloody. When we opened the paw, there was a very small wound that appeared to have filled with pus on the 2nd day. The owner said he was walking better after the first treatment.

2nd treatment on May 22, 2021:

open wound over the real problem:



Treatment description

On the 2nd day of treatment, on the 3rd day after the start, you could see that the problem between the claws was getting better and the wound was getting drier. Even the owner of Derek is enthusiastic about the system. (see video)

24 May 5 day 4 treatment day:

25 May 6 day 5 treatment day:

May 25:

May 25:

May 25:


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