- Effect that goes through the skin -

———— Effect that goes through the skin ———— 


Vetdrop TDA is deeply effective

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The protective layer of the cornea is opened during the application. The picture above shows a flow analysis. This shows how the pure oxygen mixes with the carrier substances in a defined ratio via two inlets and is compressed in the two flow chambers

 TDA opens the horny layer (stratum corneum) during application and thus enables deep transport even with larger molecules. 

Vetdrop TDA enables the transdermal transport of even large molecules with high local dosage and low systemic exposure.

Vetdrop TDA combats chronic complaints efficiently and avoids the systemic administration of active ingredients that are relevant to side effects. 

While conventional topical dosage forms such as plasters or gels are often unable to reach deeper layers of the skin, Vetdrop TDA transports active ingredients into the synovial fluid of the joint and at the same time combats inflammatory, subtopic hypoxia.  

The superiority of the system comes into its own when it comes to the administration of larger molecules. In experiments with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, TDA successfully transported “Cyclosporin A” through all layers of the skin. So far, this has not been possible even to a rudimentary basis with any transdermal application system.  

Due to the large number of active and active formulations offered for Vetdrop TDA, the range of applications for the system is large. It ranges from the treatment of everyday complaints of the musculoskeletal system (inflammation, strains, fiber tears, muscular complaints) to the treatment of skin problems (eczema, fungi and wounds) to the long-term treatment of manifested degenerative symptoms (arthrosis of the joints).

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Local transportation

[Preparation fails in the horny layer]
[TDA reaches deep dermis]

Comparison of standard with Vetdrop TDA

When developing the TDA system, the research focused on gentle deep penetration of the skin. The studies with phosphorescent enriched substances in human skin show that there are considerable differences between TDA therapy and conventional applications. While leading Hyaluronic acid preparations Not even able to penetrate the uppermost layers of the epidermis, hyaluronic acid administered with TDA penetrates the epidermis and reaches the depths Dermis with long-term availability.

Vetdrop TDA enables the user to transport high local concentrations of pharmaceuticals and other active substances into defined areas of the body and into the depths of the inner joint. The systemic drug level, which translates directly into drug-related side effect risks, is significantly lower than with conventional drug applications.   

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Vetdrop TDA Therapy System

The TDA system generates highly concentrated and particularly pure oxygen from the ambient air. This is more essential Part of the application. Due to the high oxygen partial pressure, the special Barrier breaker in the preparations activated. These open the cornea in such a way that the active ingredients migrate through it and in a targeted manner down to the depths Dermis can advance.

Drops with a constant size of ca 110nm generated, enriched with oxygen and applied to the skin at over 440m / s.

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