Vetdrop TDA therapy System

The TDA system produces highly concentrated and particularly pure oxygen from the ambient air. This is an essential part of the application. The high oxygen partial pressure activates the special barrier breakers in the preparations. These open the cornea in such a way that the active ingredients can penetrate it and reach the deep dermis.
In the application handpiece of the TDA system, drops with a constant size of approx. 110nm are generated, enriched with oxygen and applied to the skin at a speed of over 440m/s. The application beam is clocked in special sound frequency patterns, which physically increase the penetration ability and are adapted to the treatment area. Due to the small drop size, the kinetic energy of the drop beam is so low that the skin structure is not damaged despite the high application speed. The oxygen-enriched droplets are deposited on the skin with a large active surface, the carrier substance opens the horny layer barrier and the skin is then gently penetrated. 
To avoid systemic risks, the formulations are modulated in such a way that the capillary exchange remains low but the local deep transport is ensured. The formulations always also contain an oily phase which creates subepidermal active ingredient depots. In the joint, active levels can be detected in the synovial fluid from the first application. However, the therapy cycle extends over several treatments, with a frequency that depends on the severity, the indication treated and the patient's therapy history.

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