Vetdrop TDA is profoundly effective in the depth

The protective layer of the cornea is opened during the application. The picture above shows a flow analysis. This shows how the pure oxygen is mixed with the carrier substances in a defined ratio via two inlets and compressed in the two flow chambers. At the exit of the applicator the optimal ratio of flow velocity, oxygen pressure and interval frequency is achieved. Ultrasonic examinations of the skin parallel to the treatment provide information about the potential of an application to overcome the epidermis. TDA opens the horny layer (stratum corneum) during the application and thus enables deep transport even with larger molecules.
Vetdrop TDA enables transdermal transport of even large molecules at high local dosage and low systemic stress. The application achieves a long-lasting availability from the tissue and increases the subtopic redox potential to prepare the cells for the drug dose.
Most of the active ingredients for the treatment of chronic pain and immune disorders are administered orally or intravenously. These dosage forms are associated with a high risk of side effects, as high systemic doses are required to achieve locally effective dosage concentrations. 
Vetdrop TDA effectively combats chronic complaints and avoids the systemic administration of active ingredients that are relevant to side effects. Vetdrop TDA enables the transdermal transport of even large molecules at high local dosages and low systemic exposure. The application achieves a long-lasting availability from the tissue and increases dasubtopical redox potential to prepare the cells for the drug dose. The system is non-invasive. The treatment is contact-free and bypasses the hair follicle. The painless local application is accompanied by high patient acceptance.
While conventional local dosage forms such as patches or gels are often unable to reach deeper skin layers, Vetdrop TDA transports active ingredients into the synovial fluid of the joint and simultaneously combats inflammation-promoting, subtopic hypoxia. 
Vetdrop TDA consists of a powerful oxygen-generating basic device which enriches the carrier substance with oxygen and applies this mixture at high speed and in defined micro-droplets to and through the skin at an application frequency adapted to the site of action. The carrier substance is enriched with medicinal or herbal active agents and is very receptive for oxygen. In addition to fighting hypoxia, the oxygen protects against bacterial contamination during application and stimulates the local microcirculation in combination with the physical application parameters. 
Patented "pro-drug" components of the carrier substance interact with the oxygen and improve the pharmaceutical effect of the administered substance. During application, the inner surface of the carrier substance is greatly enlarged. The horny layer is opened and the applied drops migrate through it. The arrival at the site of action, e.g. an inflamed joint, occurs with a comparatively short delay. The penetration depth of the droplets depends on the galenic formulation and the physical parameters of the system and can thus be precisely adjusted.
The superiority of the system is particularly evident when administering larger molecules. In experiments with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, "Cyclosporin A" was successfully transported through all skin layers with TDA. Up to now, this has not been possible with any transdermal application system. 
Due to the large number of active formulations offered for Vetdrop TDA, the application spectrum of the system is wide. It ranges from the treatment of everyday complaints of the musculoskeletal system (inflammations, strains, fibre tears, muscular complaints) to the treatment of skin problems (eczema, fungi and wounds) and the long-term treatment of manifest degenerative phenomena (joint arthrosis). The mechanism of action here is always a combination of galenic formulation, pro-drug components, physical stimulation by stimulating the microcirculation and cellular supply.

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