Since the Vetdrop machine is not exatly cheap......

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When does it make sense to buy a Vetdrop machine?

When does it make sense to buy a Vetdrop device?


Since the Vetdrop device is not exactly cheap, it must make sense to buy it. The situation is the same as always: if you have it, you don't need it - if you don't have it, you absolutely need it.

This device is very versatile and can be used in many different areas. You need a certain number of animals to make it a useful addition. Your cost per animal should not be higher than a good candlelight dinner with your loved ones in a 5-star restaurant.

Your advantage, the product can be used with almost all animals, no matter if mouse or camel - everybody can be helped.

Who should consider a purchase and when is it worthwhile?

    Rehabilitation and animal clinics
    Physiotherapists and persons who provide other services for the well-being of the animals, can be used as in-patients or out-patients
    Animal shelters
    Pension stables with 10 horses or more, who are willing to share the costs among themselves or offer a new service
    Private stables, where the well-being of the horses is the first priority
    Holdings of 50 or more cows, cattle, calves
    Stables with more than 5 camels
    racing stables for pigeons
    and many more

This is your alternative and it is also the future!


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