Using drugs directly where they are needed, without painfully penetrating the skin and without unwanted side effects - sounds good, but too good to be true? Not at all! Vetdrop makes it possible!

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Vetdrop - specifically efficient against injuries and pain!

Vetdrop - specifically efficient against injuries and pain!

Using drugs directly where they are needed, without painfully penetrating the skin and without unwanted side effects - sounds good, but too good to be true? Not at all! Vetdrop makes it possible!

Behind the name "Vetdrop" is a device that helps in the treatment of wounds, that promises relief or healing in the case of bruises, strains and compressions in the area of the musculoskeletal system, that can be used for arthrosis as well as for the after-treatment of bone fractures and nerve irritation and inflammation. Last but not least, Vetdrop supports the healing of skin injuries, eczema and inflammation.

This works by Transdermal Application (TDA). With the help of a certain air pressure (more on this later), molecules of the right size and a carrier substance that serves as a means of transport, so to speak, drugs are introduced into damaged or injured parts of the body down to the deep subcutaneous layer. This can be very selectively in the joint, but also more extensively on whole muscle areas, wounds and skin lesions. The advantages are obvious: Local application eliminates undesirable side effects that can otherwise occur, especially with systemically administered drugs. Vetdrop can also be used to achieve much more precise dosing, because it ensures that the active ingredient gets to where it is needed. The advantage over syringes is - and this is particularly important in the joint area! - among other things, that there is no danger of infection through a puncture site, because there is none and the treatment is absolutely painless, and very pleasant for the horses. It also eliminates any sedation of the horse, which is necessary for joint injections.

Vetdrop does not work with air from the environment, but with air that has been previously enriched with oxygen. This means that patients benefit not only from the effect of the medication but also from that of the oxygen, because the mixture has a disinfectant effect, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes blood circulation and ultimately the healing process. Excellent also for open wounds!

Very high success rate

2007 the first Vetdrop device was built. Since then, its effectiveness has been proven many times over - although the device has been continuously developed further in recent years. Research has been carried out at several universities. There are doctoral theses and practical tests that show the effectiveness of Vetdrop.

The healing time can be shortened by transdermal application and the risk of infection can be minimized. Injuries of tendons, ligaments and muscles definitely regenerate faster when applied with the appropriate substance. The rehabilitation time is shortened in favour of the animal.

For example, Dr. Karina Klein from the University of Zurich reports that she was able to successfully treat hoof cancer with Vetdrop. Her patient had hoof cancer ulcers on the right front hoof, which were first cut away extensively under sedation and then treated with both Vetdrop and the proven Giessener mixture. "I have the feeling that with this combination it heals faster than it would otherwise heal," said the veterinarian. Especially since she has already had very good experience elsewhere with the same patient using the Vetdrop device alone. The gelding had an abscess on another hoof which had to be cut free down to the dermis. After treatment with the Vetdrop device first every two and then every three days, firm horn had grown back over the area after 14 days.

Karina Klein also reports about an eczema that she treated with Vetdrop and whose skin had already recovered. At the University of Zurich, for example, they were also able to prove that the system had already reached the desired drug level within a damaged joint shortly after the first application. The Zurich researchers have also successfully used the device to treat other lamenesses, such as chronic tendon damage.

Example tendon damage    
A pulled tendon or ligament is always one of the biggest worries of all horse owners and riders. The healing process is lengthy and depending on the severity of the injury, there is a risk that the horses will never be able to bear full weight again or suffer a setback. For the horses the convalescence is a challenge. Over a long period of time they are allowed to move at maximum walking pace, lose muscle tone and condition and face the great challenge of building up their strength. The tissue must slowly get used to the increasing strain in small steps and regain its original elasticity.

Vetdrop offers the necessary support for exactly this. On the one hand, the convalescence time can be shortened considerably and on the other hand the probability of relapse can be minimized. For this purpose, the corresponding natural substance is applied every two to three days for four to eight weeks, depending on the intensity of the damage, in the area of the injury using the Vetdrop device. The treatment is absolutely painless and stress-free for the horses. The inflammation disappears, the leg swells.  Cell regeneration is stimulated, blood circulation is promoted, the healing process is accelerated and the elasticity of the tissue is ensured.

A recent report from the Maas J. Hell stallion station about a hopeless tendon damage case: The horse was subjected to all kinds of treatments before Jasmin Weiss-Ulonska took over a vetdrop device, no treatment method had achieved the desired success up to that point. After two months of Vetdrop treatment, every second day, another ultrasound was made. The veterinarian was surprised with the result, there was no more visible damage and he gave the green light to slowly start building up the horse under saddle.

Vetdrop can also be used preventively to ensure maximum resistance and elasticity of the tendons. Already successfully used in racing. Under the motto, prevention is better than cure. Of course Vetdrop does not only help horses. It has already been used successfully on farm animals such as sheep and cattle as well as small animals such as dogs, cats, etc.

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