By chance we learnt about Vetdrop. At first we were sceptical......

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Vetdrop in livestock farming (cattle)


Vetdrop in livestock farming (cattle)

Practice Report

Nathalie Haltiner HF Agrotechnik 19/22 Rheinhof Salez





By chance we learned about Vetdrop. At first we were sceptical about the device, but we left our doubts behind when we started working with it.
Chronic pain in joints, spine and tendons is a predominant problem in both human and veterinary medicine. Especially in the industrialized countries more and more pets and sports animals suffer from the consequences of the common pain therapy with injections and tablets. VetDrop TDA is a novel treatment system for the local therapy of local complaints. It enables the transport of active ingredients and active substances through the skin to the exact location of the problem without burdening the entire organism. The treatment is painless for the animal and works without injections or tablets. Even sensitive or traumatised animals accept the treatment. With the TDA therapy a regeneration or a positive immune stimulation is initiated. VetDrop TDA combats pain, supports the healing process and promotes the quality of life and performance of the animal.

In the past, treatments with Vetdrop have proven to be extremely successful with various animal species such as dogs, horses, etc. Up to now, only sheep have been treated in livestock farming. Our farm consists of about 130 cattle, from calves only a few days old to older dairy cows. Like many other farms, we have to struggle with Mortellaro and Panaritium. So it was worth a try for us to try the Vetdrop device. So we installed the device in our milking stand after the instruction of Dennis Ruf and started with the first treatments. Initially, when entering the milking stand, the animals reacted a little bit astonished by the noises that Vetdrop makes. Soon they got used to it. The treatment itself was no problem from the beginning. Without sedation or similar, the animals could be treated directly in the milking stand during the milking time. In the middle of March we had the annual hoof care where a specialist checked all cows and cut them out fresh. We had significantly fewer cows with Mortellaro and those I treated with Vetdrop were all symptom free.

As Vetdrop has proven to be very practical during the milking period I have started to treat other problems.  Detailed reports of our treatment can be seen in treatment jounrals under the heading Cows.

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