How our vetdrop system was developed

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Origin of Vetdrop - with the first treatment table

Origin and idea of ​​the system by our engineers and inventors:

Penetrating the skin so that supporting substances can be administered directly to the problem area without injuring or damaging it.

How is that possible?

  • certain air speed (pressure)
  • suitable molecule sizes (droplets)
  • special carrier substance (means of transport)


  • Local application
  • Point (e.g. joints) or large areas (muscles)
  • Minimize toxicity
  • no risk of infection from the puncture site
  • no sedation of the animals necessary

Instead of normal air, an increased oxygen content is used, which leads to the following positive side effects:

  • very good disinfectant
  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • promotes blood circulation
  • faster healing process

The first device was made in 2007. A short time later, a clinic agreed to conduct an experimental test on several horses in two horse studs. This enabled us to find out whether our company's technology was able to produce the expected results.

The following are the very positive results:

Unfortunately, however, no subject-specific protocol was kept that would have been necessary for the creation of these real case studies. Thus only the final results are known. The study shows, however, that if the system is used correctly or treated with the right substances, this type of therapy leads to great success.

Based on these facts, the product has been tested, improved and expanded over the past 10 years. In addition, studies were carried out at various universities, doctoral theses were written and used and tested on our own animals.

Now is the time to market the system. We have documented and recorded numerous, successfully treated patients. This form of therapy works and has a very high success rate.

And don't forget, the therapy is gentle and beneficial and the animals enjoy every treatment and often thank you with a relaxed yawn!

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