Only for people who provide physiotherapy services.

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Gold Members Club

Gold Member Club on Youtube


Change of Gold Members Club

As we only have a limited number of places available for our Gold Members Club, the number of invitees will be limited to a maximum of 2022 in 10. We will inform you about the invitations for 2023 at the beginning of 2023.



Only for people who provide physiotherapy services.


As a discount campaign or for special payment agreements: a period of 2 years from the delivery date of the TDA treatment system.
Maximum points that can be earned in one year: 150

When paying according to the list price:
Period of 2 years from the date of delivery of the TDA Treatment System.
Maximum possible points 250 per year.


1. Each entry in the treatment journal = 10 points

2. Every written reference from the customer about satisfaction with the device = 10 points

3. For every paid advertisement on Facebook or Instagram or in one of Vetdrop Ltd. A publication accepted in advance will be credited 1 point for every € 10 spent on the advertisement, up to € 100 per advertisement. If at least 1 page of Advetorial is published in magazines such as St. George promoting Vetdrop, 50 points will be awarded.

4. Advertising and participation in an event as an exhibitor (must be approved by Vetdrop in advance) - per day = 25 points - a maximum of 3 days.


5. Seminars and training courses

- Participation 15 points
- Per lecture given at our seminar (by invitation) = 50 points

6. Equipment warranty
- Free extension of the guarantee from 1 year to 2 years

7. Special discounts for rent

Since it can happen that customers do not want to accommodate their horses in the therapist's stables or want the therapist to come several times a day to treat their horses, we offer a special option of renting up to 2 machines at special rates. The therapist's client is protected and can only be rented by the therapist for the particular case. This agreement is always dependent on the availability of devices and must be clarified in advance with Vetdrop.

The therapist is responsible for the machine and has the task of instructing the user in the operation of the machine.  

Condition that the therapist must meet:
- At least 1 year of vetdrop use and possession of a vetdrop machine
- the therapist must have loaded at least 5 treatment journals onto our system.
If a machine is sold to the therapist's customer within 1 year, the therapist is entitled to 15% commission of the net price actually received minus any discounts for membership in any special clubs or discounts granted by Vetdrop.

8. We offer a special sign-up bonus of 25 points if you allow us to use your Facebook page to post our contributions. We try to post something new every 2nd day and what we post on FB can be automatically shared on your FB account to reach a bigger audience. The 25 points will only be credited if you maintain the activation for the entire duration of your membership, but at least for 1 year. 


- Roll-ups (1 per gold member)
- Leaflets (only as download)
- Free website on Google (Vetdrop remains the owner, therapist has administration rights)

If a meeting does not take place or the member is not invited or is unable to attend, the member is not entitled to any compensation.

Continued participation in the Gold Club.

For therapists who remain in the Gold Club, from the 3rd year onwards, the points are credited as described above, but can only be purchased for a discount of one percent on products (1,2ml bottles). When reaching 100 points, 10% discount on the purchased product (only application products in vials of 1,2ml). If you reach 150 points you will receive a 15% discount on the purchased product (only application products in bottles of 1,2 ml). All other points expire.

In all cases the points expire after each calendar year. These points have no value other than activate a possible discount for Gold Club members.

The Gold Club is owned by Vetdrop and is a private club. It is only accessible to people invited by Vetdrop. Vetdrop can expel any member from the club at any time and for any reason. Our terms are subject to change at any time and we have the right to cancel or change any term at our sole discretion. After the 2nd year, Vetdrop has the right to terminate further participation in the Gold Members Club without prior notice.

The original and valid language used in this offer is German and the German version on the website is considered the original, correct and valid version. Any translation errors are not considered binding.