Problems of the horse's back are discussed in many publications.

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The horseback

Problems of the horse's back are discussed in many publications. Most of the suggestions are very helpful, but if we take a closer look, we find that the way to resolve back pain without actual pain therapy is being discussed.

With correct exercises, stretches and with the help of a physiotherapist, back pain should be reduced. In many cases, however, it is also difficult for the therapist to gain access to the horse, as the pain causes the entire musculature to tighten. As a result, at least the beginning of manual therapy is very uncomfortable and painful for the horse. And don't forget - the horse suffers silently!

Let's make a comparison with us humans! If we have back pain, we do not try to do the exercises / stretches prescribed for us without pain therapy in the form of tablets or creams. This is usually only possible when we can reduce the pain so that the tension in the muscle subsides.

Vetdrop in combination with physiotherapy and the exercises / stretches to be performed by yourself - that is the solution!

Without the administration of stressful medication or injections, we are able to ...

  • Help reduce inflammation and pain
  • relax the muscles

This makes the work of the physiotherapist much easier and our horse can be helped in a healthy and pleasant way in the long term.


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