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Noble Veterinary Dubai

Dear Dennis


Hi and many thanks for your email and information which was very useful, we have used Verdrop on a cat with gangrene skin and patient was about to euthanize but I believe Vetdrop saved the patient and after treatment for nearly 3 months patient is about to fully recover , we love our machine and currently exploring the other formulas sent by you on the latest order, I will need to arrange with you as we discussed in the past to get empty ampules in order to make our own dexa or diclofenac and other similar meds as we have used them alot in the past and I need your pharmacists to assist us during this process, thanks once again, stay happy and healthy!


Sincerely yours


Dr Soheyl Simaei

Veterinarian Surgeon-Dermatologist

Manager Founder

Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Tel: +97148859800 (6Lines)

Fax: + 97148854849

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