"My horse Gizmo, a Tinker gelding, fell ill with trigeminal neuralgia at the age of 6

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head shaking


"My horse Gizmo, a Tinker gelding, fell ill with trigeminal neuralgia when he was 6 years old. This manifested itself above all in strong headshaking during training, in sun and wind.

It developed so badly that I could no longer touch his face and a change in personality was also clearly visible. Vets couldn't help me any more. It was said that I may never be able to ride my horse again.


I then brought Gizmo to Barbara Gerber for Vetdrop TDA therapy as it was my last chance. We then started vetdrop therapy.


It was so impressive how Gizmo reacted when testing the nerves. Touching the nerves lightly triggered head bangs, rolling eyes and stress.


I could hardly believe it but after the first therapy you could touch the nerve parts and the reaction was much less. Even during the therapy it was evident how good it was for him. A harnessed horse that chewed and yawned again and again.


During the first attempt at lunging in the second week of therapy, he stopped shaking. A clear improvement was also evident in the riding tests.


After 3 weeks of treatment I was able to take Gizmo home.


The training was adjusted at home.


The current situation: My dream has come true. No matter if sun or wind, light or intensive training .. I can ride Gizmo again without a nostril net and without a shaking.


I am so infinitely grateful to Barbara Gerber for getting involved in this topic, doing long research and never giving up.


Vetdrop and the training method were our salvation.


I will be forever grateful to you.

Kind regards Julienne Etter "


The name of the horse owner may appear. Great feedback right?


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