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Tupac pressure point

(Text by Evi Gubler, Reitbeteiligung von Tupac) On February 10, 2020 we discovered that Tupac had a large pressure point that was very painful. It was probably caused by a new harness (comb lid without a pad). The pressure point was treated with Bepanthen, Quicksanna and Coolpack, but to no avail. The tumor did not shrink. The swelling was also still very sensitive to pressure. Tupac didn't want to be touched at this point. If we had pressed on the swelling, he would probably have kicked us. We also tried the Ichtholan 50% train ointment that was given to us by the vet. But this didn't help either. The vet refused to cut the wound, although we thought something must have lodged in the hole.


Treatment description

On April 27, 2020 we got in touch with Team Simnis. We asked if they saw a chance to solve the problem with Vetdrop. We noticed a clearly visible reduction in the size of the swelling after 4 treatments. And after the 8th treatment on May 10, 2020, Tupac was pain-free. He didn't respond to touching or squeezing the swelling. They treated him 6 more times, and each time the swelling got smaller. We ride him again now and he has absolutely no more pain.

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