Experience Vetdrop Summer 2020 - Mortellaro

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BBZ Arenenberg farm animal Mortellaro





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Experience Vetdrop

summer 2020



BBZ Arenenberg, Tänikon plant

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Statement on practical use


We were very surprised with the system as it was actually successful in treating the animals in some way (especially Mortellaro). We have also found that the product has a beneficial effect on open wounds.


The main problems with the system at this point are the acquisition and medium costs, as well as the number of repetitions of the treatments, which are not yet suitable for a dairy farm. The treatment is much softer and nicer for the animals, but still too expensive economically.


Since we believe that vetdrop offers an alternative treatment method in certain situations, we will inform the students at our school about the possibility.


This two-month application was a practical test, where mainly Mortellaro cases and some special cases (teat injuries or edema).


Michael Schwarzenberger, Head of Consulting Milk Production, BBZ Arenenberg


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