Mortellaro's disease - Pamela 92 - Arenenberg Agricultural School

Original language:
Type: cows
Age: 2 years old
Description: dairy cow

Start of treatment: 30.06.20
End of treatment: 23.07.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

Pamela had pretty serious Mortellaro in both clutches - Pamela had pretty serious Mortellaro in both clutches - Level 2 - The cows were stationed at the Arenenberg Agricultural Light School. Areneberg staff treated both claws with vetdrop.



Treatment description

7 days later the hooves were treated for the second time in the hoof stand - they already showed a great improvement. Then the hooves were treated twice in the hoof stand and 2 days later the hooves were checked again in the hoof stand. The tip of the claws, where it was easy to get to, was perfectly healed. Deep inside the claws, where it is difficult to reach in the milk stand, there was still Morterllaro and this had to be treated again in the claw stand.

after 7 days - a crust has formed over the claw, which will fall off in another 7 to 10 days and under which the mortellaro will have disappeared .:

after 7 days 7 July 2020:

on July 23rd - No more Morterllaro:

Working report:

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