Ganglion - lameness caused by ganglion

Original language:
Type: horses
Age: born 2000
Description: Cold blood mix

Start of treatment: 12.09.20
End of treatment: 08.12.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

The mare had had a ganglion above the fetlock for years. However, it was growing over the past month and the mare began to lame. In the beginning only on soft ground and then on hard ground. The ganglion seemed to interfere with the tendon and ligament movements. According to the veterinarian, surgical removal of the ganglion was the only option - which the owner did not want due to the age and weight of the horse. After the first consultation, we decided to give the vetdrop a try ...

Treatment description

The first 3 days were treated daily. Then every other day for 6 weeks and at the end twice a week.
The mare was put on a tendon tape after the first 12 treatments after vetdrop therapy. The first improvements were seen after the 6th treatment. After 4 weeks the horse was lame-free and the following treatments were used to reduce the size of the ganglion and the mobility of the tendon and ligament tissue. After the treatment, the ganglion was still palpable, but no longer prevented the horse from moving and the horse no longer showed any lameness even weeks after the last treatment.

Image after 4 weeks - ganglion has more or less disappeared:

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