Mudguard - Painful and extensive mudguard

Written by: Barbara Gerber
Contact: CH - Barbara Gerber

Type: horses
Age: born 1992
Description: Small horse mare

Start of treatment: 03.10.20
End of treatment: 03.11.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

The mare was presented to me with a painful, widespread muzzle. Various attempts at therapy failed and the scourge got bigger and bigger. The affected area is swollen and the horse avoids straining the leg. When demonstrating a clear lameness can be seen.
Almost the entire circumference of the fetlock and coronet area is meanwhile affected.

Before treatment:

Before treatment:

Treatment description

The small horse was treated with the Vetdrop TDA in an inpatient setting for 2 weeks.
At the beginning of the treatment she could hardly be touched on the affected leg. After the first treatment, however, I was able to abandon the large field of treatment. The muzzle dried very well and the newly formed skin was also treated with the Vetdrop TDA so that the small cracks in the fetlock did not enlarge. After a week the bump was not gone, but the lameness was no longer visible.
After 2 weeks the horse could be released home, where I made another check-up visit four times and treated the last remnants of the mallard and the new skin.

During treatment below:

During the treatment below 2 pictures:

After treatment 2 weeks later - below:

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