VetdropTDA opens the horny layer of the skin with the combined power of a unique carrier substance, a high speed of precise droplets, oxygen as a carrier gas and sound patterns to activate the local microcirculation.

Phytoproducts are chemical compounds that are produced by plants to protect them from fungi, bacteria and plant viruses, but also to be consumed by insects and other animals. The name comes from the Greek φυτόν (phyton) "plant". Many phytochemicals were used as traditional medicines, but there were others that were used as poisons.

Veterinarians also have the option of adding NSAIDs to their products.

What is an NSAID? It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Our studies were carried out with such drugs at the University of Zurich. The following are commonly known NSAIDs:
and many others.

In many cases, the addition of such products is beneficial when used in conjunction with phytoproducts.

It is always absolutely essential that you discuss everything with your veterinarian beforehand. All of these products merely aid healing and help relieve pain. 

In many cases, these products can be used as part of the recovery process. Sometimes doctors will use manual therapy, acupuncture, massage, as well as other drugs to achieve what you want to achieve. The vet will then combine Vetdrop with all of the above.

Products that can heal your pet and end pain can only be administered or added by your doctor and are not included in our products.
Vehicle galenics is an essential part of TDA application. The protected carrier substances were tested on a wide variety of skin types and are characterized by their galenic potential, on the one hand to absorb a wide variety of active ingredients and also oxygen, and on the other hand to temporarily open the horny layer barrier. By applying the substances with
their molecular transport potential is activated in the TDA system. 
The range of TDA substances for veterinary therapy is broad
and is growing steadily due to the consistent research orientation of our company. It currently includes the following formulations:
• A phyto-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory carrier (drug-free)
• Oligo-structured glucosamine for long-term structural and treatment
degenerative processes on cartilage and bones.
• Multimolecular hyaluronic acid for the treatment of tendons and ligaments.
• Low molecular hyaluronic acid for the treatment of wound healing disorders and
Skin irritation.
• Locally activating natural formulation for the targeted activation of the microcirculation, eg for use with muscular tension.
• An ad-hoc formulation for the therapy of lymphatic swellings and acute ones
Stress injuries or othematomas in dogs.
• A propolis-based active formulation for use against skin fungus and eczema.
Depending on the regulatory status, the product range differs in the
different markets. In individual countries, synthetic drug formulations are also offered, which are currently still going through the European approval process.

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