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Mauke - 'Malenders' - 'Galle de boue'

Mudguard - a painful, inflammatory skin disease


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Perde Mauke treatment or in English 'Malenders' is a painful, inflammatory skin disease which is very good with Vetdrop TDA and ours Special products can be treated. . Again, it is necessary to always speak to your veterinarian.

No one can say with absolute certainty where malaise comes from, but this problem seems to be caused by mites of the genus Chorioptes, which is known in English as foot mange. It also seems to be more common as temperatures change and we move into fall. It seems to be even more common when the grass in the fields is wet and some type of mite, possibly the same as above, can easily invade the skin. The mites could even be transported from the stable to the pasture by the horse itself, and the moisture makes the skin more permeable, which can start the infection.

As a rule, the lower rear part of the foot between the fetlock and the hoof is affected first, but it can also spread upwards. It begins with an itchy reddening of the skin, a type of dematitis (dematitis erythematosa). Then things usually get more serious and are aggravated by friction. There may also be other factors that cause it to spread, such as: B. urine, or e.g. B. road salt.

The reddening quickly turns into a very oozing eczema (dermatitis madidans) and then forms crusts (dermatitis crustosa). When the crusts fall off, the muck shows an overgrowth of the exposed papillae, which is known as dermatitis verrucosa or also as hedgehog foot or warty mallow.

These severely reddened papillae tend to blister and putrefactive exudate forms in the furrows.

Things can get worse and worse, and secondary bacterial infections can occur.

What can be done about the treatment of malaise in horses?

The area where the horse is located
You have to physically improve the hygienic situation of the diseased area, e.g. B. ensure very clean boxes and avoid wet fields.

On the horse
The affected area must be disinfected. This can be done very effectively with our system by first using water with a pH value of 7 (PH neutral) and then 11,7 (catholyte) and then with oxygen-enriched air. The treatment takes about 2-3 minutes each to ensure that the area is really well disinfected.

Then we found that out of our products we have three Substances, that can be used and with Vetdrop TDA applied.
Two of them form a cover over the affected area and act almost like a plaster. For more information about what can be done, you can contact our therapists.

There are many other products that are used and one that is quite effective even at the beginning of an infection is a sauerkraut patch that is left on the horse's leg (in the fetlock) overnight for about three to four days . Obviously you can't use our system here.

No matter what is used, the most important thing is to start early. Our experience shows that the malaise can usually be removed very quickly with our system and that after our treatments the horse usually does not become lame and can be ridden normally, even if there may be a small swelling for 1-2 days.

All technical details here as well as the types of dermatitis were researched on Wikipedia. Actual results of the muck for horse treatments come from the practice of our therapists and are well documented in many of our treatment journals on our website.

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