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Knee inflammation


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Knee joint inflammation is inflammation of the joint.
This problem can be caused by incorrect loading of the animal or misalignment of the limbs. The animal can also injure itself or the joint can become infected by pathogens.

This is known as arthritis. Any arthritis can turn into a degenerative joint disease. The inflammation damages the joint to such an extent that "joint wear and tear" occurs (osteoarthritis). The vet must examine the animal and identify it as osteoarthritis. Then you can treat correctly and usually very successfully with vetdrop.

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Life PR - alternative and effective therapy for osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, tendon injuries and open wounds

Veterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - youtubeVeterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - youtube



Vetdrop Studies University of Zurich

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A little bit about our history and why we decided it was worth making Vetdrop

First attempts in 2005 were very promising. Read more here.

Success table German and origin of Vetdrop - with the first treatment table


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