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Fetlock injuries - Fetlock treatment

Tutorial - procedure for an ankle joint treatment - click here

 Chances of Success: using the vetdrop system (based on actual work results) Very High

Fetlock treatment: A strain of the tendons or ligaments is always one of the greatest worries of all horse owners and riders, the recovery time is usually around 6 months, depending on the intensity of the damage.

The horse falls out for a long time, can only be moved at a maximum step, which it also has to understand first and loses muscle and stamina - a vicious circle! In addition, the targeted structure poses a major challenge. The tissue must slowly get used to the increasing load in small steps and find its way back to its original elasticity.

This is exactly what our ingenious system offers the necessary support! On the one hand, the convalescence time can be shortened considerably and, on the other hand, the probability of a relapse can be minimized.

How does this work?

  • by administering the appropriate natural substance, in this case hyaluronic acid, directly around and on the damaged area at regular intervals of two to three days for 4 to 8 weeks (depending on the intensity of the damage)
  • without a needle, i.e. risk of infection
  • without the additional administration of medication, which in turn stresses other organs
  • absolutely free of stress and pain for the animals

What happens during the treatments?

  • The inflammation / swelling will go away
  • cell regeneration is stimulated
  • blood circulation is promoted
  • the healing process accelerates
  • the elasticity of the tissue is ensured

Of course, it is even easier to prevent than cure - this is exactly what Vetdrop is ideal for. Already successfully used preventively in racing, healthy horse legs can also be treated preventively in order to ensure maximum resilient, elastic tendons.

Of course, TIME and PATIENCE also apply here! We once treated a horse with tendon damage on an outpatient basis, but only about 4-5 times, which of course did not bring the desired result.

On the other hand, another case was absolutely gratifying. The gelding had major tendon damage on both front legs and two large black "holes" on the ultrasound. We treated him in our stable for 2.5 months and during the follow-up check the vet doubted whether it was the same horse at all! Hardly anything to be seen in the ultrasound and the horse is absolutely painless and lame-free.

Conclusion: Vetrop is not a magic machine. But it can stimulate the healing process, shorten convalescence and make people and animals happy!

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Support band Maas J Hell

Longitudinal tear of the deep flexor tendon within the fetlock tendon sheath

M. interosseus medius injury (fetlock support) - Barbara Gerber

Oldenburg jumping gelding "Little Pleasure" (7) completely symptom-free againOldenburg jumping gelding "Little Pleasure" (7) completely symptom-free again

Hanoverian stallion »Don Corleone« (8) can jump againHanoverian stallion »Don Corleone« (8) can jump again

 In June 2013, a 12-year-old gelding was diagnosed with damage to the fetlock front right in the veterinary clinic.In June 2013, a 12-year-old gelding was diagnosed with damage to the fetlock front right in the veterinary clinic.

 Tutorial - Ankle Joint Treatment

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