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Burns and burned or inflamed skin


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Vetdrop TDA can be used for inflamed, reddened skin and burns with the help of its Skin care products help with the animal. Vetdrop can also support the healing of minor burns very well. It also supports the healing of burns Vetdrop very well supported. Here we use propolis or urea with very good results. In difficult or recurring cases, please also ask your veterinarian what should be used.


However, it is important to understand that animal burns can become a serious medical issue. You should know how to properly treat burns in animals so that the animal's condition does not worsen and it heals properly.

You can treat the animal if you follow the steps below, but if you have a severe burn you will need to discuss the matter with a veterinarian, show them the animal, and get their consent on how to treat and how to proceed.

If possible, you should clean the burn with water or saline and make sure that the area is not heated any further.

For small burns, you can apply Vetdrop very gently to the burn with our patented skin products.

The applied oxygen has an antibacterial effect, and the oxygen and skin products soothe the area and promote the healing process. While the burn doesn't seem as severe, if your pet shows signs of severe distress or pain, including, but not limited to, increased heart rate, increased pulse, shortness of breath, your pet may be in shock and you must contact your veterinarian immediately .

In the event of major burns, the veterinarian should immediately provide first aid. It is likely that the animal will not allow you to apply water to clean the area or do anything else, by yourself vetdrop, until the pain is relieved, and this can only be done by a veterinarian.

After pain relief from pain medication and initial treatment from the veterinarian, vetdrop is an excellent way to continue treatment. The oxygen has an antibacterial effect and the cooling, light air cools the area. Our skin products soothe the area and help the burn heal. The choice of product must be discussed with the veterinarian and his suggestions must be followed. 

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Vetdrop Studies University of Zurich

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A little bit about our history and why we decided it was worth making Vetdrop

First attempts in 2005 were very promising. Read more here.

Success table German and origin of Vetdrop - with the first treatment table

What is a burn - Burns affect animals in much the same way as humans, so the information in the following article, which is for humans, will tell you what a burn actually is. It is not intended that the system should be used on humans. It can only be used on animals. Burns animal treatment.




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