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Pressure mark - 'Pressure mark'


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Chances of Success: Using the Vetdrop System (based on actual work results) - Very High

The speed of healing and the chances of success are significantly higher with the Vetdrop system than with other systems. Both the pressure point and the area around the pressure point can be treated directly. The wound usually becomes soft because such a pressure point usually has hardened and scarred tissue prior to treatment and the pain is reduced. Scarring is reduced. Healing is quick, but it is also very important that the object that pressed the point is avoided as the pressure point then naturally reappears.  

Sometimes an incorrectly fitting saddle or harness can cause a painful reaction called a 'pressure mark'. These can even look like something has laid eggs in the wound and are very, very painful. It can mean that a horse cannot be ridden or used for harnessing for a long time. Our system helps where most other systems fail. Just look at the case of Tupac 

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Tupac - pressure point

Injury to the rear of the croup above the sacral spine in horses - Dr Ingbert Fries

Thank you Vetdrop - Evi Gubler


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Veterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - You TubeVeterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - You Tube



Vetdrop Studies University of Zurich

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A little bit about our history and why we decided it was worth making Vetdrop

First attempts in 2005 were very promising. Read more here.

Success table German and origin of Vetdrop - with the first treatment table

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