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Torn ligaments, muscle damage or injuries (horse muscle treatments, dog muscle treatments)


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Chances of Success: using the vetdrop system (based on actual work results) High to Very High

The Vetdrop System is very effective in treating muscle problems. The system has proven to be very efficient and successful. Recovery time is typically reduced by 60-70 percent and the animal can be trained again without the long periods of time normally required to rebuild the lost muscles. Even during the treatment time, the animal does not need to be kept still and can move easily, which is a real benefit for the animal's well-being.   

No matter what kind of animal, dogs, horses, camels or alpacas, whether in sport or just in leisure time, one Muscle injury or a strained ligament with a horse, a dog or any other animal is always one of the greatest worries of all pet owners. Recovery time is usually around 3 to 6 months, depending on the severity of the injury.

We have found that we are healing with our system Torn ligaments or muscle injuries can support horses, dogs or other animals very well. It is always important to speak to a veterinarian prior to any treatment so that the correct tape is treated.

The healing time is reduced by up to 70%. This usually means significantly less effort and downtime.

This means that the muscles that are otherwise no longer present after a long treatment are no longer affected to the same extent and you can train fully again much faster.

We have had very good experiences with muscle and ligament injuries in horses and therefore almost everything here revolves around horses. Since both muscles and ligaments are roughly the same in all animal species (including humans), we can assume that the result will be the same regardless of the animal. (and our experience has confirmed this too).

Muscle treatments dog, muscle treatments horse are shown in the video below



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Longitudinal tear of the deep flexor tendon within the fetlock tendon sheath

Tendon damage 1

Tendons damage Ingbert Fries

Tendons damage Poly d'Oro

Thank you Vetdrop from Maas J Hell


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 NDR Schleswig-Holstein magazineNDR Schleswig-Holstein magazine

Veterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - You TubeVeterinarians in action - Regio TV Schwaben - You Tube

 Life PR - alternative and effective therapy for osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, tendon injuries and open wounds


Vetdrop Studies University of Zurich

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A little bit about our history and why we decided it was worth making Vetdrop

 Here you can see which phytoproducts we recommend:

First attempts in 2005 were very promising. Read more here.

Success table German and origin of Vetdrop - with the first treatment table



We have also found that our system is very useful for sore muscles. In order to use the system properly, it is important to understand what sore muscles actually are. Wikipedia is an excellent source for this information:



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