Coming and going lameness without a specific finding - Silas

Original language:
Type: dogs
Age: 4 years
Description: Approved Border Collie

Start of treatment: 17.06.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

For several months, Silas has been suffering from recurring, sudden lameness in the front right. Especially after getting up after resting or after playing in the stream. It was presented to the vet several times, but unfortunately no clear findings came out. However, it suggests that the pain is coming from the outer little toe on the right paw. Silas responded well to a local cortisone treatment. Unfortunately, after the effects wore off, the same symptoms reappeared.


Treatment description

We have now treated him 4 times with vetdrop, namely the whole little toe including the claw, as we do not know the exact location. After the 2nd treatment, the owner mentioned that he seemed to react positively and that there was no lameness to be seen when trotting, of course his activity was also reduced a bit and no agility training during this time. His training will start again in 1 week. Then we will know whether the system has helped him or whether we have dealt with the right place.

And here is a little video in Youtube - Vetdrop Channel


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