Panda - inflammation of the back muscles, pain and / or possibly osteoarthritis with listlessness to play or work

Original language:
Type: dogs
Age: 10 years old
Description: Australian Shepherd

Start of treatment: 11.03.21

Disease picture / symptoms:

Panda's owners contacted us via Stählibuck and wanted to know if we could do something positive for their dog. For half a year the dog had lost the desire to play and no longer wanted to work. They had visited several vets and they were diagnosed with inflammation of the back muscles, but due to their age, there was also speculation about osteoarthritis. You didn't really know what to do. After listening to the situation and more or less understanding the dog's problems, we decided that we needed to treat her all over the back and hoped we were touching the area that was really hurting her.

Treatment in March and April 2021:



Treatment description

We only treated Panda once.

After the first treatment, we briefly talked to Dr. Ingbet Fries, our veterinarian, spoke to him and explained everything to him. He said we were on the right track, but we shouldn't expect too much without an X-ray.

After the first treatment, the owner felt that there was an improvement. So she decided to continue the treatment. The Stählibuck owner continued the treatment. The owner was also allowed to perform the treatment herself. In addition to the spine, the muscles around the back were also treated.

on April 6th we received the following Whatsapp after the successful treatment:

The mistress thinks she is "the old one" again. ☺️ Panda is jumping as high and crazy again as it has not been in half a year and is super vital again.

Treatment continues, but is reduced to once a week and if that continues, then once every 1 weeks and then once a month. Our experience shows that our device builds up a depot and therefore fewer and fewer treatments are necessary to keep the quality of life top.

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