Open itchy wound in the dog Pumi

Original language:
Type: dogs
Age: unknown

Start of treatment: 11.02.20
End of treatment: 14.02.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

Open, itchy wound caused by the fox mange - Pumi was treated with medication, but the fox mange broke out anyway and caused itching - we shaved it and treated it with vetdrop to dry the wounds and stop the itching - this helped immediately and Pumi, who was very depressed, became more alive and happy immediately after the treatment.



Treatment description

Pumi felt better again quickly - we had given her a Simparica 40mg tablet and anti-itch tablets before the outbreak of the disease, as prescribed by the vet.
The skin recovered quickly, so on the 3rd day we can say that there was almost no swelling, the side did not hurt, and her skin and wounds were completely dry.
From day one she hardly had to scratch or lick the wounds, because with the combination of vetdrop and the tablets we were able to keep the itching under control.

Pumi in treatment:




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