Lucky - eczema on the nose and extremely bad breath like rotten

Written by: Dennis Ruf

Type: dogs
Age: 6 years old
Description: Little rat

Start of treatment: 21.07.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

For some reason, Lucky seems to have developed a rash on his nose that didn't get better. We also found that his breath was very bad. We had just received this dog from Spain. We asked our doctor Dr. Fries What We Should Do. He suggested treating Lucky with vetdrop. Lucky is extremely clever. He soon realized that the treatment was good for him. The oxygen that killed all the bacteria in his mouth started to improve his swollen gums. On the third day of treatment, he allowed us to treat him from the front of his mouth as he seemed to understand that it was helping him. The smell also decreased.

His nose, which we treated separately, also got better.


Treatment description

Although we solved the nose problem, we decided to have his teeth removed as well. Vetdrop had definitely helped with the scent, but the dog wouldn't be truly happy until the teeth in its mouth were corrected. This happened shortly afterwards, and since then the bad smell has completely disappeared.

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