Allergic reaction on the udder, probably caused by iodine - Inola - Nr 8 - Dänikon (Allergical reaction)

Original language:
Type: cows
Age: 2 years old
Description: dairy cow

Start of treatment: 14.07.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

The udder was marked in dark tones and a little swollen. The cow had no problem giving milk, but she had a problem getting the udder washed. The cow was at the Arenenberg Agricultural School, where she was treated.

Treatment description

After ten days of treatment, the udder is no longer infected and only heals very slowly. The black skin on the udder dries up and falls off. The problem is that the cow is still being milked. She has no pain when milking so it was decided to keep milking her. However, rubbing the milk pods continues to cause problems.

we found that the treatment definitely helped. The cow was in no pain and we were able to put the milking clusters on without any problems.
As the teats continued to get infected and it seemed like we would have to treat them forever, it was finally decided not to milk them anymore. The teats recovered completely within 2 weeks.

After the first day, the cow appears to have responded positively to the treatment. Less coloring is seen .:

one day after the first treatment:

one day after the first treatment:





07.09.2020 now 2 weeks dry:

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