Calf Roxy

Stall Hartmann Original Language:
Type: cows
Age: 4 months
Description: calf

Start of treatment: 25.03.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

The cow calf Roxy is now 4 months old and fell ill with pneumonia in winter 2020 from which she unfortunately never fully recovered. Due to her weakened immune system, she was also attacked by lichen (fungal skin disease) and an ankle joint inflammation, which was the main reason for the treatment of Vetdrop.

Calf Roxy:

Treatment description

So I started treating the severely swollen joint which was full of pus. The skin opened very quickly and I was able to blow the pus out of the wound, so to speak. For anti-inflammatory I started treatment with one substance and for wound care I started with another substance. I then also used Vetdrop to combat lichen and I had good results. After about 1 week you could see the first hair growing again on the affected areas. In addition, I had the feeling that the general condition of this ailing animal had greatly improved with the vetdrop therapy. Since I think the vetdrop substances could get into the lungs, I continued to treat the lungs with vetdrop. To what extent I was able to repair this damaged lung I cannot say. What one could clearly see, however, is that this calf now has a normal breathing rate and milk intake has doubled since the start of treatment. (from 7 to 15 liters.)

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