About us

"Our standard is exceptional and outstanding."

Vetdrop TDA combines innovative medical technology with galenic excellence. With us, research, development and production all come from our own company. We control all processes and guarantee highest quality.


When we started developing the TDA system, we set ourselves ambitious goals. Our vision was a quantum leap on the way to the side-effect reduced drug therapy - in the field of human medicine as well as in daily veterinary practice. We researched alternatives, found out where there was potential for improvement and questioned whether we should cooperate with the major pharmaceutical companies. In the end, we came to the conclusion that no external process, no bought-in production technology and no externally outsourced product development could meet our demands and, above all, the demands of our customers. That is why we do things ourselves - well and in a competent team. This starts with the design of the devices, which not only have to work in medical practices as well as on studs or in zoos, but also have to meet high practical demands, and does not stop with our galenic vehicle formulations. TDA is a pioneering treatment concept. And the result of hard and innovative work. We create new processes and leave well-trodden paths. 


Despite all our development work, we are in fierce competition with marketing professionals and major corporations. But we only sell what we are convinced of down to the last detail. Our offer is honest, because for us only the result counts. We work with high-quality raw materials that we can trace back to their origin. All formulations are tested for their effectiveness and compatibility. We stand for the quality of our products with our good name. And we back up our therapeutic statements not only with attractive sales brochures, but primarily with robust and sustainable studies.

"Vetdrop stands for innovation, quality and results. The project is supported by the renowned Swiss innovation agency "CTI" and the North German Life Science Excellence Centre "Norgenta". Our team consists of industry experts with decades of research experience.Vetdrop TDA is the result of these efforts - for your benefit and for the well-being of your animals and patients.

If you have any questions about Vetdrop or about our medical technology and pharmaceutical developments, our sales structure or our service philosophy, we look forward to receiving your direct questions and suggestions.

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