Renzo, 15 years old, cold blood with squamous cell carcinoma on the flexor tendons of the right cannon bone

Written by: Karina Klein

Type: Treatment journals
Age: 15 years old
Description: horse

Start of treatment: 25.02.21

Disease picture / symptoms:

Renzo, 15 years old, cold blood with squamous cell carcinoma on the flexor tendons of the right cannon bone

Dr Karina Klein said. he had such a bad prognosis- 'but I said let's try this'

Diagnosis: infiltrative squamous cell carcinoma caudal to the metacarpus (on flexor tendons)
- removed in the animal hospital - because it was so big - open wounds except for the tendons - sewing up only partially possible - first honey ointment bandage - then after 5 days left open 3 times a day vetdrop O2 and every 2 days Hyalderm on the edges of the wound and the whole leg, as lymph swelling heals very good - but needs until it is completely healed ...

Detailed process:

25.02.21: Operation in the animal hospital Zurich under general anesthesia: extensive removal of the changed tissue, only partially closed with sutures (proximal), secondary wound healing sought, ointment bandage with honey applied
26.02.21 Transport home, free of lameness under bandage
28.02.21/XNUMX/XNUMX: first bandage change, leg clearly swollen, seam cuts at the distal (lower end), bandage with honey
01.03.21: Leg clearly swollen, thread constricts, lower 2 threads pulled, wound freshening, sprue bandage with AS, antibiosis
02.03.-7.03.21: Sprue bond with AS (6x7cm)

After the operation:

On June 15 - hair grows back slowly:

Treatment description

08.03.21-18.03.21: during the day without bandage 2-3 times a day vetdrop with oxygen, every 2 days vetdrop Hyalderm, especially on the edge of the wound.
19.03.21-21.03.21: no more bandages, 2-3x daily VD oxygen (T1) 1x daily Hyalderm (Hyalderm program), wound looks good but hypergranulated at a point where serous fluid still escapes from the depths (there the tendon was somewhat exposed
22.03.21: Wound cleaned with AS, hypergranulation a little removed with a swab, wound only 4.5x5cm
23.03.21: Wound refreshed again under sedation in the area of ​​the hypergranulation tissue, then 3x with oxygen
24. + 25.03.21: 2-3x daily vetdrop oxygen, 1x daily Hyalderm

All texts have been received from Dr Karina Klein via Whatsapp.

9th March:

10th March:

12th March:

13th March:

14th March:

March 17th - Heals very well, no longer painful, leg swollen horse free of lameness -Today we leave it open for the first time also at night .. I'm curious:

20 March Unfortunately, it hypergranulates a little - because it is still a bit wet from the depths - photo is from yesterday:

March 22 after wound refreshment:

March 22 after wound refreshment:

23 March:

24th March:

25th March:

25th March:

March 27th - This is how it looks today ??:

April 21 - The wound closes very well. The question now is what will be seen in the end:

The scarring is usually much smaller than with usual treatment .:

May 7th - almost completely closed. Even the hair is slowly growing back. Renzo is still being treated to see what the scar will look like after healing:

May 7:

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