Wet open area on both hind feet at the level of the crown margin

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Type: Treatment journals
Age: 6 years old
Description: jumping horse

Start of treatment: 09.02.21
End of treatment: 27.02.21

Disease picture / symptoms:

We couldn't tell where the open wounds were coming from. They came suddenly, one after the other, and got a little bigger every day. At the time he was seeing a therapist for water treadmill therapy. Either he was injured on the regular treadmill by a horse running behind him and standing on his hind feet, which seems pretty far fetched, or it was caused by the water treadmill itself. He was never lame.

9.2. 2021 Links:

9.2.2021 Right:

Treatment description

We treated with vetdrop a couple of times and it dried briefly, but as soon as it got wet again it was open again. On 9.2. we stopped using the water treadmill and treated him with vetdrop only every day for 3 days, then every 2 days for 2 weeks. on February 27.2th we stopped. The wound was closed and after the top layer fell off it was found that the wound had healed

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