EOTRH - Playboy 2st

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Type: Treatment journals
Age: 20 years old
Description: jumping horse

Start of treatment: 04.04.21

Disease picture / symptoms:

It seemed like Playboy had a pain in his mouth coming from his gums again. The gums didn't look good either. He also had bad breath. He scratched quite a bit and tossed his head up and down.

We decided to resume treatment with Vetdrop. The last treatment was at the end of September and we haven't had to treat him since.

On the first day, April 4th, Easter Sunday, he was immediately peaceful after the treatment, drank a bucket of water and ate his hay with appetite. It seems that there is an immediate effect on pain after treatment.
We will treat every day for 3-4 days, then every other day for 2 weeks and then see how long the horse stays satisfied.
Video 1 and 2 are from April 4.4.2021th, XNUMX

4.4.2021/1/XNUMX XNUMX treatment (M; orgens):

April 4.4.2021, 1 XNUMX treatment (morning):

April 4.4.2021, 2 XNUMX treatment (evening):

April 4.4.2021, 2 XNUMX treatment (evening):

April 4.4.2021, 2 XNUMX treatment (evening):



Treatment description

We have treated 2 times so far - yesterday morning and evening.

Today, April 5th, 1 day later, his palate looks much better. What we are really noticing is that if he could, he would love to pull up his upper lip, which of course he can't. He likes the treatment very much. He is doing very well and does not seem to have any more pain.
Today 9.4 we noticed that the tartar on the teeth is loosening a little. We also noticed that there was a bad smell coming out of his mouth, especially when we were blowing between our teeth. We think it will be 6 to 7 treatments before we can stop. He eats and drinks very well and shows no signs of tenderness.

3 treatment - 5.4 in the morning:

3 treatment - 5.4 in the morning:

3 treatment - 5.4 in the morning:

3 treatment - 5.4 in the morning:

7.4.2021 - In our opinion, Playboy is doing much better. He eats and drinks and shows no signs of pain:

7.4.2021 - we are not satisfied with this tooth. Here we will speak to the dentist again:


9.4.2021 - Playboy before the treatment:

9.4.2021 - during treatment:

14.4.2021 at the beginning of the treatment:

April 14.4.2021, XNUMX - after the treatment - Playboy is now much better. We also notice that the teeth are cleaner. We still think he has a problem with one of his teeth on the left side of his jaw. The vet is ...:

16.4.2021 - during the treatment - if we are right and it is being filed back, he should really be much better. Even now he can be ridden and used normally and he shows no pain. :

21.4.2021 - during treatment:

22.4.2021 - during treatment:

April 23.4.2021, XNUMX - after the treatment:

April 23.4.2021, XNUMX - after the treatment:

May 3.5.2021, XNUMX - For the first time the cement came off one tooth (left front tooth) and we were able to remove it with our fingernail .:

3.5.2021 - On the side:

7.5.2021 - now the cement is loosening from the 2nd front tooth:

8.5.2021 - looks good. Carrot test is not yet successful, but he may press the carrot a little harder with his front teeth but not yet be able to break the carrot. :

8.5.2021 - sideways - He shows no signs of pain and eats well, drinks well and is able to eat the grass in the fields .:

On May 11th, the tartar or cementum could easily be removed from the tooth. :

It also looked like that after the treatment, the gums around the tooth were less swollen .:


Video 2:

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