Djago - reindeer - Spat suspected

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Type: Treatment journals
Age: 12 years old
Description: reindeer

Start of treatment: 25.08.20

Disease picture / symptoms:

Djago, a 12 year old reindeer, had tremendous pain in his left leg.
First we needed a diagnosis. We examined him thermographically and sent the pictures to our vet with a general description. The vet was actually pretty sure it was a very late stage spar with a shortening of the muscle to his ankle. This had shortened his leg and forced him to walk on his toe. Up until that point there was absolutely no alternative treatment. You just had to watch and knew that Djago would have to be put to sleep at some point.
He was the owner's favorite and a very friendly animal, she did not want to have him euthanized. So it was very important for her to see if he could possibly recover.

So a treatment plan was set up and Djago was treated with vetdrop for spat.


Treatment description

After 6 months of treatment we can say the following:

In the beginning there was an improvement. The main problem was the shortened muscle that kept the animal walking on tiptoe. When the weather got very cold, no progress could be seen despite the treatment. It didn't get better or worse - nothing happened. Then, at the beginning of February, the weather was fine and improvement was not long in coming.

- Diago's muscles seemed to recover a little so that he could walk flat on his foot.
- The pain in his leg seemed to have subsided a little - he stands and walks better than before the treatment.
- Diago is in a very good mood and looks forward to every treatment

we think this will be a long-term concern but there is improvement and as long as there is improvement and we can reduce his pain and improve his quality of life we ​​will keep treating him. He also takes great pleasure in the treatments and is happy to be treated. He has gained weight and generally makes a very good impression.


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